Dumbest Obama Crap for Sale on eBay

As of the publish date and time of this post, there are 21,030 Barack Obama-related items for sale on eBay, and it ain't all newspapers printed yesterday. From inane domain names to autographed books not actually written by Obama, you've never seen a more profitable "socialist!"

Domains for sale

These click catalysts can be yours, some for opening bids of only $20,000,000!

PresidentBHO.com (great guy, awful initials)
nudeobamapics.com (his shoot in Indonesia was one of Maxim's sexiest ever!)
barac-obama.com [sic]
ObamaTheGreatOnline.com (you know, in case he gets effed to death by a horse, duh)
joetheplumberdotcom.com (that's right, "dotcom.com")
obamasgrandmother.com (could really learn a lesson in timeliness from obamapresidentelect.com)

Autographed copy of To Kill a Mockingbird… by Barack Obama

Not unlike Comic Book Guy's cherished photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore.

American flag signed by Barack and Michelle Obama

In the words of every stupid Facebook status update I've read since Tuesday: I can finally be proud to be American. First, our President-and-First-Lady-Elect both defaced our nation's flag, which is kind of a violation of Federal law; second, the moron selling it threw it on the ground in order to photograph it. Now you can burn it for just $1,118.51!

Creepy Obama-Lincoln amalgam image

Those of you reticent to elect our nation's first black president can now cling to this whiter, vagina-eared version!

Original Obama sketch

OK, this is actually cool. If the man’s half as good at drawing up a plan for universal health care, I’m going to break my ankle just for fun.

Extension of goodwill/shitty foreign car

I'm not one to make fun of broken English—hell, I can barely speak the f&#%ing language—but...

[From the auction text] "Five months ago, I took the citroen of my Grandfather, and fill it of stencils Obama. Then we went to a soccer stadium and became a GOAL!"

I have no idea what this loony Porteño's talking about, I’m just glad foreigners even still give a bloody dump about our election process. At least we don’t have to worry about a threat to our superpower status from Argentina.