• Vaseline

    Commercial spot starring Michael Strahan written for Vaseline Men lotion.

  • Bayer

    Interviews with heart disease sufferers who have used aspirin therapy to positive results for Bayer's Aspirin Cardio web site.

  • Tribogenics

    All corporate web site copy for the company that has pioneered next-generation X-ray technology.

  • Key Art Awards

    The Hollywood Reporter wanted something different for its entertainment advertising awards show. I gave them the same thing entertainment advertising has been giving consumers for three decades.

  • Phoenix Productions

    All corporate web site copy for this New York City-based creative concern.

  • iRobot/Popular Science

    Sponsored review for PopSci client iRobot to promote its Roomba and Scooba products.

  • Nissan

    Mini-site copy aimed at fans of college football to promote the new Nissan Juke.

  • Maxim.com

    Print ad to promote the newly redesigned Maxim.com.

  • Philips/Popular Science

    Sponsored review for PopSci client Philips to promote its EnduraLED line of lighting products.

  • Holland America/Mariner Magazine

    An interview with Holland America's on-board Hawaiian culture expert, Paki Allen.